Next Steps

We think we are a loving and welcoming church.  Still, we recognize that it can be tough to break into a community where people already have established relationships.  We want to remove those barriers and make it easy for you to feel at home and part of the family here at First Baptist.  

What follows on this page are some simple steps that you can do to get involved and become a part of our church family. 

Welcome Class

Periodically (3-4 times a year) we will offer a welcome class to people who are new to the church.  Typically, we schedule it for Saturday mornings, because it's jam-packed full of great stuff.  But we can be flexible if the need warrants to offer it at another time.  During the class, we cover these important things:

Our Church DNA

Our values, mission, vision, and what we believe

What is a Biblical Church Member?

Inspiring information on what it means to be part of "God's Family on Mission" at FBC

Where Do I Fit In?

We'll help you find your place, including coaching on discerning your spiritual gifts

And when the class is done, we'll give you a free gift for being so patient! 

Becoming a Jesus-Follower

Jesus' disciples weren't called "Christians" until a few years after the church got started (Acts 11:26).  It's a good and useful word, but, unfortunately, in our culture, the word "Christian" has sometimes come to mean something different than what Jesus intended.  "Jesus-follower" may be perhaps a better description in today's language.  Click here to read how to become a Jesus-follower.

Baptism by Immersion

One of our core beliefs is baptism by immersion.  (We are "Baptists," after all!)  While the act of baptism does not save you, it is the norm in the Bible for all Jesus-followers.  If you haven't been baptized, you should!  It is a central teaching in the New Testament and a powerful symbol, reminding us that we are dead to sin and alive in Christ.  If you want to be baptized, indicate it on your response card on Sunday morning.  We'll meet with you and explain the meaning of and process of immersion baptism.  And, yes, we do have a baptismal tank at the church.  But we could arrange a more "organic" setting like the picture here if you preferred. 

Becoming a Member

Membership at FBC is not a difficult process but it is an important status.  It means you're "all in" with Jesus and his mission with us.  If you are a Jesus-follower, you have been immersed in baptism, and you have attended the welcome class, you are eligible to become a member.  At the conclusion of the welcome class, just indicate your desire to do so, and we'll formally receive you into membership on the next Communion Sunday (first Sunday of every month). Membership is affirmed each year on the second Sunday of January.