College and Young Adults

Our college students and young adults are the best.  With both Knox College and Carl Sandburg Community College, plus those who go elsewhere for school and come back, there is a strong presence here.  Many volunteer and help our with both our youth and children's programs, with some even taking on leadership roles and responsibilities.  Many come from not only all parts of the United States, but all over the world.  And though we miss those who graduate and move on, we know they are out there "making disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19)"

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - IVCF

The Christian club at Knox's campus is IVCF.  We have often supported this ministry both financially and through connecting with current and former Knox students.  It could be a meal after church, a ride to the store, or just a chance to hang out and talk!  Only a short walk to our church, we love our Knox students and the many ways that they bless our church!  Some even stay around and continue to bless us here, while others go all around the world impacting lives for Jesus.

Contact Laura Amodio, the IVCF staff worker for Knox College, for more details and when they meet.

Eric Vogel, our Discipleship Director, is an Alum of Knox College and IVCF.  Feel free to contact him with questions or for more details as well.