We are, as they say, "in uncharted waters."  Sort of.  Down through history, the Church has been a redeeming presence during times of social crisis.  Lyman Stone, in, writes: "Historians have suggested that the terrible Antonine Plague of the 2nd century, which might have killed off a quarter of the Roman Empire, led to the spread of Christianity, as Christians cared for the sick and offered a spiritual model whereby plagues were not the work of angry and capricious deities but the product of a broken Creation in revolt against a loving God." 

We, as First Baptist have the opportunity to be the same redeeming presence and beacon of hope in these challenging days of quarantine, shut-downs, shut-ins, and uncertainty.  This page is dedicated to keeping you informed of what is happening in our faith community and the opportunities for ministry that are emerging.  


Below are updates to our ministry and concerns while the COVID-19 challenges remains.

  • Facebook communication

    If you haven't already, "like" our FaceBook Page (FBC Galesburg).  It is our easiest and quickest way to keep you updated, including some video devotions by our staff.  

  • guidelines for in-person worship

    UPDATED February, 2022: Here is an update of our church's policy for in person worship. Please remember, these guidelines are for the protection and health of others.  We have designed them so that we can demonstrate our love to one another.  We will continue to stream at least the sermon and announcements through FaceBook and Youtube for those who are unable to attend in person. 

  • worship service streamed at 10 AM on facebook and youtube

    We will be streaming a very simple worship service on Sundays at 10 AM through FaceBook Live.  Access our FaceBook page to participate.  It will include announcements, Scripture reading, some songs, a sermon, and prayer.  You can also watch the services on our Youtube page if you would like.