Our Staff

We think the members of our staff are terrific!  Not only do they excel in their skills to fulfill their role, but they genuinely love people.  They are always willing to help, serve, and pray for anyone who needs their assistance.  Your call or email will always be met with genuine concern and response.  You can call the office at 309.342.0149 or email the office or pastors for assistance.  

  • Mike Collier


    Mike started working at FBC in March, 2015.  He enjoys keeping things neat, tidy and clean for the congregation.  He and his wife, Debi have two daughters and one grandson.  Prior to working here, Mike worked over thirty years at Maytag in the plastics department along with several other jobs.  Outside of his work at the church, Mike enjoys keeping up with current events and professional sports teams from Chicago. His favorite movies include Ghost, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 

  • Sherri Kremer

    Administrative Assistant

    Sherri has been keeping us all organized since 2007.  Prior to becoming our Administrative Assistant, Sherri worked as a secretary in a dialysis unit, and for ten years, she was a travel agent.  She says that the best part about her role is when people call into the office and she can take the time to listen.   Sherri is married to Jeff, who serves on our Trustee Board and is part owner of the Mattress Station. Their daughter, Alissa, is a student at the University of Iowa.  Together with their two spoiled puppies, Jeff and Sherri are exploring a new season of life as empty-nesters where they enjoy shooting, dining out, exercising, and shopping.  Her favorite movies include, The Holiday, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, and Sweet Home Alabama.



  • Bob Myers

    Lead Pastor

    Pastor Bob started at FBC in July, 2017.  He and his wife, Diane, have two adult children, four grandchildren, and one spoiled little dog.  Bob loves being a pastor and especially enjoys the challenge of preparing and delivering God's Word for corporate worship.  Prior to becoming a lead pastor in 2012, Bob had been a worship pastor since the dark ages (sometime back in the late '70's - he started early.) He has also been a public school teacher, a music specialist, and a college professor.  Since age 8, Pastor Bob has always sensed a call to vocational ministry. He has two degrees in music and a doctor's degree in worship studies.  He has published a book on worship history called Strategic Portraits: People and Movements that Shaped Evangelical Worship.  Outside of church, he enjoys fishing, gardening, and model boat building.  Bob's favorite authors include N.T. Wright, Robert Webber, and Eugene Peterson. Among his favorite movies are The Three Amigos, What About Bob?,Gettysburg.  


  • Eric Vogel

    Pastor of Discipleship

    Eric has been volunteering at FBC since 2013, and joined our staff in 2018 as an intern, and became full time in 2019.  He is a graduate of Knox College with a degree in education.  Eric is recently married (June 2018) and his wife, Aly, joins him in his work with the children.  His favorite thing about his job as the Pastor of Discipleship is the enthusiasm kids bring when it comes to loving and learning about God.  Along with teaching and ministry, Eric enjoys coaching and competing in wrestling, beating Aly in tennis, and finding new things to learn about.  His favorite movies include Jurassic Park, Remember the Titans, and Guardians of the Galaxy.


    Looking for Eric? Take a look at his calendar so you can hang out with him!

  • Hubert "Huey" Vogel

    Director of emotional Support

    Huey began his role at FBC in September 2019.  Our youngest staff member, he was only 3 months old when he started!  You are never too young to start serving the Lord.  No matter what kind of mood you are in, Huey is always happy to see you, ready to greet you and roll over so you can rub his belly.  He is very committed to the emotional well-being of everyone he meets.  His favorite things include sticks, walks with Aunt Sherri, sneaking into Pastor Bob's office, and whatever you happen to be eating right now.