Worship - Doing God's Story Together

We live our lives according to the story in which we find ourselves.  Your family has a story and you are living out your part.  Your family’s story has shaped your identity.  Nations have stories and companies have stories, too.  But there is a Story that is greater than all others.  It’s God’s Grand Story.  

...a deeply shaping Story

When we gather together for worship, we are rehearsing the Grand Story through song, Scripture, sermon, prayer, and the Lord’s Table.  And as we rehearse God’s Story together, we anticipate and encounter his life-changing presence.  Like the other narratives in our life, the Gospel Story shapes us deeply.  

...real and authentic

Worship at First Baptist is real and authentic.  You can feel the love.  We are family.  Our approach is casual and welcoming.  Children participate in the first half of our service, but if you’ve got little ones, we have a modern staffed nursery for your needs.  

...uniquely blended.

Our music is blended, leaning contemporary but incorporating the best of our hymn heritage.  We’re not perfect, but we’d love to have you join with us! 


For a taste of our worship life, audio files of weekly sermons are posted here and you can find our weekly bulletins here.